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We at Stars & Stripes Upholstery are happy to offer you our specialty in custom auto upholstery. When we examine your auto’s interior, we make sure to give estimates up-front to make sure you know how much works needs to be done, how we work with the materials requested, and how much time will be needed. Yet, we work with you from the beginning to make sure all your needs and wishes are met.

Due to our years of working with interiors, we have extensive knowledge of the large array of resources used in auto upholstery. Commonly, it is leather work that needs to be done – and we know how to properly repair and install it so it provides the most comfort and durability for you and your car. Of course, leather is very different than cloth in the way it’s made, treated, dyed, and installed – so we know the intricacies in handling the installation and repair for that delicate and wonderful material.

However, we are not restricted to leather. Since all upholstery beyond repair is custom, we work with whatever materials or fabrics you wish us to install. Many times, regular cloth seats and interiors need a fix-up, a cleaning, or a repair – and we ensure that our work follows through to get you the comfort and durability that you need and deserve.

We also provide various colors, designs, and textures for each material – and bring our experience to you when consulting and installing. Each of these will have different effects and feels when you drive, and we make sure to make all information available when we discuss your options for auto upholstery.

We are proud to offer boat interior upholstery services as one of our specialties in upholstery. We know that boat upholstery differs from other forms as materials in your boat are subject to different kinds of use and weather wear and tear.

There is no job too big or too small – we work on any kind of boat, whether it’s a small pleasure craft, a pontoon, or a larger sailing vessel, we make sure to offer our familiarity with ship design to give you the most durable and comfortable interiors for your boat.

As with other forms of upholstery, we have extensive knowledge in how the materials, textures, and designs will affect the interior of your boat. We make sure to consult with you right away when you contact us in order to know fully what you want and require.

Leather and cloth interiors will each interact differently. We also provide artificial materials in order to best repair or preserve the inside of your boat. Often, the materials can be made to work with care and maintenance. Yet, much depends on how much the boat is used, its size, and its primary function. We need to know this information in order to give you a proper, free estimate and as a way to discuss how to best supply your requests.

Overall, we know that boats function and their upholstery depreciates far differently than other classes of upholstered objects – and have a unique set of needs for maintenance and weather protection. We bring our professional and environmental experience to the table for you and all your boat interior needs.

We know and understand that nothing is more important than the health and vitality of not only our customers but our community as a whole. This is why we gladly work in medical equipment upholstery – so we can make sure that medical equipment is safe, comfortable, and durable to provide as much use as it can to people in medical need.

We install new materials as well as repair and restore older leather, plastic, and vinyl covers. Medical equipment frames tend to be durable and long-lasting. However, the covers will be utilized very often and wear down, so they need attention and care throughout their use. Things like exam tables, chairs, and stools will see continuous use, so they need upholstery work regularly. In addition to providing use and comfort, the new or repaired covers will help the overall longevity of most equipment – as it aids in protecting the frames or interiors from deterioration.

Our Expertise in Medical Upholstery Includes, but is not limited too, the following:

• Medical exam tables
• Dermatology tables/chairs
• Rehabilitation equipment
• Optometry chairs
• Surgery chairs
• Specialty/Customized chairs
• Specialized covers and mats

For each of these, there is a special need and attention to detail that we have worked with before to reputable results.

We make sure to match factory colors and materials – often working with the distributors to replicate, replace, or restore the old upholstery. We also discuss various options for each, consulting with you every step of the way to assure that any special requests are met.